Being the mother of two young children I find that the transition between being a parent and working artist is not always a smooth one. As part of my way of trying to bridge the role of artist and mother, I have begun works with my eldest child, Arran (now 7), which is providing a way of bonding, developing play and exploring his creativity. I am very conscious of the issues surrounding using children in art and all projects I do with him are voluntary, fun and end when his enthusiasm for them does.

These pieces were created when Arran was 3. They came about through roughly structured play and experimentation - I provided the paper and graphite powder and he decided to take his clothes off and get involved with his whole body, when I left the room for a moment. I knew that we would only have one shot at it before he got bored, so I decided to go with it and get involved. The results are quite subtle and ambiguous, though they happened through a surprisingly dramatic and dynamic action. To me they also raise a lot of ethical questions surrounding art and ownership, but they are also very moving portraits of him at a particular point in his life.